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The Blindspot Initiative: Design resistance and alternative modes of practice


Published by Evolo, The Blindspot Initiative contains a foreword by generative software designer Casey Reas and texts by Jose Sanchez, David Gerber, Jenny Wu, Kate Davies and Mostafa Elsayed. 

The Blindspot Initiative features work from a range of architectural designers, including Satoru Sugihara, Gilles Retsin, Universal Assembly Unit, Isohale - Catherine Griffiths, Keiichi Matsuda, 3HUND, Kinch (Casey Rehm), Plethora Project (Jose Sanchez), Botlab (Zach Schoch) and Ruairi Glynn. 

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‘Multi Family House’ (Rendering courtesy of Gilles Retsin Architecture)
Still from Keiichi Matsuda's future vision, Hyper-Reality.