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POOL, Issue 1: Table


An architecture magazine considers the table. From discussions about its exhibitionary functions, to its curious relationship to disciplinary autonomy, and its productive location at the junction of practice, project, and the scale of the body—our contributors have taken the bait and come back to us with both ideas and provocations.

Size: 12"x16"

Erin Besler & Students
Bureau Spectacular
Galen Cranz
Fake Industries Architectural Agonism
Urtzi Grau (Fake Industries Architectural Agonism)
Jia Gu
Santiago del Hierro
Chris Hillyard
Thomas Kelley (Norman Kelley)
Michael Meredith (MOS)
Narineh Mirzaeian (MNOffice)
Hagai Ben Naim
Emma Price
Reimaging Fabrication
+ Paper Tables by A.UD faculty Erin Besler, Steven Christensen, Kevin Daly, Gabriel Fries-Briggs, 
Georgina Huljich, Wonne Ickx, Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai, Mark Mack, and Narineh Mirzaeian. 

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