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Fresh Meat Journal IX: Fake Fiction


Founded in 2008, Fresh Meat Journal is produced entirely by students
at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture. With
contributors varying between students and international practicing
architects, we aim to produce a journal that raises interest among an
audience within the architectural discipline of Chicago and beyond.
Operating through digital platforms, printed media, and social events,
FM curates conversations to examine the role of architecture in today’s

The formulation and production of architecture is constantly leveled against its past, present, and future authorities, forever rewriting the rulebook. Fresh Meat Journal Issue IX—a new compendium of architectural facts, fictions, judgments, and opinions—presents projects that regard the Fake and the Radical as two forms that hide, react, reject, conceal, and distort the rules of the day.

With the recent shifts in momentum towards historical consideration and exemplification within the field of architecture, the Fake and the Radical confront the authority of the past and present in a multitude of ways. Combining and juxtaposing in their struggle with overarching power and image of establishments, the Fake and the Radical can propose an architectural outlook that is both arrogant and fearful, but above all skeptical.

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