Brutal coffee

Architects love coffee. Archinect loves coffee.

So, we have made it our responsibility to source the best beans each season, offering balanced flavor profiles, with a perfect roast. Our own standards for coffee are very high, and we expect most architects will appreciate our demand for the best quality.

We have launched our new line with 2 carefully selected single-origin varietals:

Guatemala Ceiba

Medium roast offering notes of tobacco, plum, and cane sugar

Net weight: 12 oz (340 g)



Brazil Yellow Diamond

Medium roast with a profile of almond and dark chocolate

Net weight: 12 oz (340 g)



Both medium roasts were crafted to be excellent in a variety of preparations, so they are equally good as espresso, pour-over, drip, or french press.

Beans are roasted weekly to make sure your bag of Brutal Coffee is always premium freshness.

bean roasting

Yeekai Lim is our roasting partner, and the founder of Cognoscenti Coffee, one of “38 essential coffee shops in the USA”, according to Eater. Not only does Yeekai share our passion for coffee, but he also understands the unique tastes of an architect, as an ex-architect himself who found himself pivoting to coffee during last decade’s recession.


Logo design

The logo and labels were designed by Folder Studio. You may recognize their name as the designers of our print publication Ed.